Design Content

While the general layout, ease of use and functionality are essential components in developing a successful website, the most critical element and the one most often overlooked is the actual content of the site.

What does it actually say about your company and its products? Is it written and presented in a manner that potential clients can easily read and understand? Content Control staff can develop all of the text and related information required to update your current site or to develop and bring your new site to completion, ensuring that it not only looks right, but the information on the site:

  • Is professionally presented
  • Accurately reflects the company and its products
  • Is simple and logical for visitors to follow and use
  • Uses key words and phrases to assist with Search Engine Optimisation

If specific photographic content is required for the site, Content Control can brief and direct an experienced commercial photographer to ensure the company, its products and its people are presented in the most professional manner possible.