Website Monitoring

It is amazing how a brief internet tour of commercial websites will quickly highlight the number of sites that are clearly carrying incorrect or out of date information. This not only makes the business look unprofessional and disinterested, but in so doing is an immediate turn off for potential clients.

“Why would I want to do business with a company that isn’t even interested in keeping its own website up to date?”

“What level of service am I likely to get from these people?”


Many company sites that were “state of the art” at the time they were built, become degraded and out of date over time. This is most often because there is no one with the time or the skills within the company to update and fine tune the site as the company, its people, products and services change and grow.

Content Control provides clients with an “alert” service where our staff monitor your site on a scheduled basis as required and advise you when material is out of date or inaccurate. New material can then be written for your approval and either uploaded directly to the site, or subject to the Content Management System your site uses, provided to your web site builder to upload.