Website Planning

Although Content Control does not actually “build” websites, a task we leave to the technical experts, we do work with website companies to provide professionally written content for their clients.

We are constantly monitoring the latest innovations and changes in website design and the rationale that drives these changes, as technology and consumer online user habits change.

Our website philosophy is simple, and can be summarised in 3 points.

  1. FIND - Potential clients need to easily be able to find you and your services on the web. Research increasingly shows that the best way to achieve this is with up to date, well written and accurate content on your site
  2. LIKE – Your site needs to make an immediate, positive impact on visitors. This is best achieved with smart, clean design, simplicity of use and once more content that the visitor finds easy to read and tells them what they want to know.
  3. USE – Once the visitor has found your site/product and decided that they wish to purchase or enquire further, it is critical that the process they need to follow to achieve this is both immediately obvious AND simple to use.

If you are planning a new site or an update of your current site, experienced Content Control staff can work with you to develop a planning strategy for your site, and then work directly with the web site builder to ensure the design and functionality is tailored for your business in both appearance and ease of access.

If specific photographic content is required for the site, Content Control can brief and direct an experienced commercial photographer to ensure the company its products and its people are presented in the most professional manner possible